Tips for Parents

TIPS for Parents

1. Before the haircut ensure your child is not tired, hungry or sick.

2. Prior to the visit you can talk about how exciting it will be when they get to have a magical haircut by a hair stylist dressed up as a superhero, princess or fairy etc

3. Time is of the essence. Please ensure hair is prepped (washed/clean and brush out tangle-free) prior to cut. We use a water sprayer to wet down the hair. This is less stressful for the child than washing hair in a wash basin and much less time consuming.

4. Do not worry about mess or where your child ends up sitting/standing to have their hair cut. We go with the child’s comfortability. Cape, no cape, iPad/phone, on your lap, on the floor, food and toy distractions are all fine. As long as your child is comfortable we can begin.

5. Try not to ask your child if they “want” a haircut. Just focus on the positives instead, such as ‘how cool is it that a superhero is going to do some hair magic for you” or “would you like to watch ‘Peppa Peppa now” etc

6. We will praise your child along the way and it’s great for you to do it too. Eg “wow you’re doing a great job” “you’re sitting so still”, “You look amazing” etc

7. Remember getting a haircut can be daunting for a child. If it doesn’t work at first, try again. All you can do is provide positive feedback, firm guidance and praise. Try not to get frustrated or display stress in front of your child and please don’t feel bad if your child causes a fuss or really refuses to get their haircut. We’ve seen it all and know it’s just a matter of going with the flow. Step by step is fine. It can take time for kids to become familiar with the experience. Sometimes we only get part of the way through and need to stop even if the initial haircut is less than ideal. We will pause and start and stop and retry again, a few times in the same appointment, however, if we feel it would be better to try another day will advise this. Eventually they get used to it.

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