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ONSITE Day Care Centre Service


Cuts in Character provides an exciting kid’s hairdressing service that makes getting a child’s hair cut EASY for parents and AWESOME for kids!

Our Cuts in Character hair stylists go to your child’s day care centre dressed as a superhero, princess or fairy and cut your child’s hair during day care time. You simply drop them off and pick them up at the end of the day, with their hair cut just the way you want it!

In a Day Care Centre setting, kids are often calmer and listen well to instructions. Our Cuts in Character stylists understand how important it is for children to be at ease with their surroundings in order to feel safe when having their hair cut. We create a fun salon space at your child’s day care centre with a colourful backdrop, funky mirror, rainbow capes and children’s hairdressing chair. As our qualified hair stylists are also professional children’s entertainers, they are super friendly and patient and have the expertise to deliver a fun, magical hair cutting experience for your child in an environment familiar to them.

The MAGIC begins as soon as your child is greeted by their friendly hair stylist who is dressed in character! We damp down their hair with water or a light leave-in conditioning spray, then cut their hair as per your request. We guide your child every step of the way with plenty of fun interaction.

Having a haircut by a superhero, princess or fairy is exciting and appeals to a child’s imagination. It connects having a haircut with FUN and is a MAGICAL and ENJOYABLE experience.

You can add face paint, coloured hair spray or braid(s)for just $5 extra to make the experience even more exciting. (We only use professional FDA approved face paints which are non-toxic and safe for children) and even children not having their haircut on the day may choose to have face paint, braid(s) or coloured hair spray. We welcome children to have this service as a lead up to getting their hair cut next time as it starts to get them familiar with the process.

We are more than happy to email you a photo of your child having their magical haircut (upon your request) as many parents love to see their children happily getting their hair cut!

Check with your centre to see who your Cuts in Character stylist is and when they are next in your centre. You can book an appointment online or at your centre. After your child’s first appointment, your stylist will visit your centre every 5-6 weeks and you can rebook your child in for their next appointment.  You are more than welcome to come to your child’s first appointment (or any of their appointments) to meet your child’s stylist and see us in action.

Magical Haircut – $20-$25 (depends on centre)
Face Paint, Braid(s) or Coloured Hair Spray
– $5
Lice Check* $5 (*Complimentary with haircut)
DIY Lice/Nit Treatment – $25
Tangle Teaser Brush – $12

Cuts in Character makes getting your child’s hair cut super CONVENIENT and super FUN!  Your child will love having their hair cut by our superhero, princess and fairy characters.

We are very excited to provide this exciting, magical hair cutting service for you and your children and look forward to bringing some magic into your child’s day.

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