Health and Safety Policy

This policy is for everyone’s safety and to ensure that we all have a magical experience!

We can not service anyone who appears to be suffering from cold/flu, sores, conjunctivitis, any infection of the skin, open wounds, rashes, chicken pox, head lice or ANY other contagious illness.

Clean hair/faces only please! Wipes are available here if needed.

Designs may vary due to the weather, stylist, time, mood and also how wriggly the child is 🙂 Every design is unique to the child 🙂

Please don’t crowd the stylists/artists/painters or touch the supplies unless directed to do so.

We will not service anyone who expresses they do not want the service or tries to ‘escape’.

Confectionery may be given out at events that may contain traces of nuts and dairy. Please inform Cuts in Character of any allergies prior to events or haircuts.

Information collected will and can be used for the purposes of marketing, including still and video photography.

All personal information will be stored in accordance with our privacy policy.

All children participating MUST be accompanied by an adult and are between the ages of 0-12 years only.