My child REALLY doesn’t like haircuts….What happens if he just refuses to get it done?

Kids often at first don’t really like getting their haircut. This is a quite common and it’s totally ok for your child to be scared, upset or unsure about haircuts. We understand that it might be a strange thing for them and that salons can be daunting We are experienced in dealing with these situations. Most children warm up quickly once they see us having fun and doing the same things they love to do like roleplaying and enjoying being a superhero, princess or fairy. We appeal to their imagination through dressing up, interaction and connecting on their level. If they are still resisting, we may ask you to blow bubbles or they may be more comfortable sitting on your lap. If the child is moving around a lot we cannot guarantee a precision cut, but we are renowned for getting the best cut out of a difficult situation! We will pause and start again and stop and retry again, a few times in the same appointment, however, if we feel it would be better to try another day will advise this. Eventually they get used to it. Even if it takes a few times, children generally get past the fear quite quickly and once the fear is gone, it’s gone!

Do you require appointments?

Yes we do.
The home salon is appointment based. We do require you to book your appointment in by booking in online, calling/texting 0411 765 764 or emailing info@cutsincharacter.com.au. We work by appointment so the kids do not have to wait, are given a lot of personal attention and are not overwhelmed by too many people.
Our mobile day care centre services have dates prearranged for each centre and must be booked in online. Please ask your centre or contact us if you cannot find your centre or would like a different date and we will try to organise this for you.

Do I need cash?

No, we accept credit card payment (Visa & Mastercard), or pay pal or direct bank transfer. If you do wish to pay by cash, please try to have the correct amount as we may not always have the exact change.

What if my child is sick the day of their appointment?

We totally understand that these things happen. If children or parents are sick, be it with the flu (bad cold), vomiting, conjunctivitis, school sores, chicken pox, measles etc then we prefer not to cut you’re your child’s hair that day and ask that you to notify Cuts in Character 24-12hrs (if possible). We know that some of these things can come on last minute and if this is the case then it will be at Cuts in Character’s discretion as to whether to keep the appointment or reschedule. We don’t charge a late cancellation fee however if we are not informed of an illness prior to the appointment we will have the right to leave before the service/s are carried out and charge the full payment.

What is the minimum age do your cut hair?

Any age is fine! If they need a haircut, then they’re old enough!

Will you shampoo my child’s hair?

In order to make the hair cutting experience enjoyable and fun for children we do not offer a shampoo service. Adults are used to having a hair wash before a cut. A lot of children do not like having their hair washed and find it quite traumatic. We generally damp down the hair with a water sprayer or light leave-in conditioner. We work quickly, and sometimes (depending on the child) we cut their hair dry. This saves loads of time. Something really important when cutting kids hair!

My child has very knotted hair. Will you comb through the knots?

Of course! The normal day-to-day knots will be combed out easily before we commence the cut. However, if your child has very matted hair that has not been combed through for quite some time, it is important that you inform our staff at the time of booking so we allow ample time to complete the service. An extra charge may be payable. You will be quoted the price once we have examined the condition of your child’s hair.

Can I request a specific character?

Our Superheroes, Princess and Fairy characters are generally assigned a specific day for appointments; however you may ask to have your appointment on a day that a specific character is available, or request a character or a specific theme and we will do our best to accommodate your request. As well as Superheroes, Princess and Fairy  characters we’ve done Pirates, Rainbows, Unicorns, Mermaids and more so please do not hesitate to ask us about a specific character or theme as we love to accommodate special requests!

What if I need to cancel or postpone my appointment?

We understand that things can happen. Once your appointment is booked, if you do need to cancel/postpone then please try to give us 24 hours notice and we will do our best to reschedule with no cancellation fee. If it is less than 24 hours we may need to charge a small cancellation fee (however we will of course discuss your situation and try to be as flexible and understanding as possible). Based on availability, we will gladly work with you to choose an alternate date for your child’s appointment.

Can I have my hair cut as well as my child’s?

Yes! We do offer trims for parents from $35. Please note: We simply damp down the hair to wet it, (i.e. we don’t do a hair wash at a basin), so please just ensure your hair is clean and tangle free. This saves time and helps to maintain our competitive pricing. Please let us know if you would a haircut when you make your child’s appointment so we can allocate enough time.

I would like to enrol my child into your 5-6 weekly Onsite Day Care Centre Service but they don’t offer it? What should I do?

If our onsite service isn’t already set up at your Day Care Centre please let us know so we can contact your centre, and please let your Day Care Centre know about your interest and pass our details on to them so they can get in contact with us to arrange a date.

Is Cuts in Character set up for doing haircuts for children with special needs?

Our salon space is set up to engage and entertain children and to make them feel at ease with the hair cutting process. Our stylists are patient, friendly and kind. They are proficient in cutting hair for fidgety, restless, apprehensive and upset children as well as children with special needs. Please let us know in advance what your needs are and we will do our best to accommodate them.

What areas do you visit for mobile haircuts?

Cuts in Character likes to be as flexible as possible. We are based in Mountain Creek, Sunshine Coast and will do our best to attend to your kid’s haircut ASAP in locations from Caloundra through to Noosa. If there are bookings already made for your area we will try to schedule you in on the same day to avoid backtracking. A travel cost may apply to your area, please check upon booking. You can also check with your Day Care Centre to see if we visit there every 5-6 weeks. If our onsite service isn’t already set up at your Day Care Centre please let us know so we can contact your centre, or if you would like to let your Day Care Centre know about your interest and pass our details to them they can get in contact with us to arrange a date.

What makes your haircutting service so special for kids?

Well, it’s not everywhere you can get a haircut for your child where their stylist dresses up as a SUPERHERO, PRINCESS or FAIRY! Plus, they get the opportunity to have extras like funky face paint, stickers, coloured hairspray, nail painting, sparkles and more, and when they’re done, they even get to have an awesome photo with their character stylist! All of these exciting things tap into a child’s imagination and make getting a haircut MAGICAL and FUN!

What can my child do while waiting for their appointment?

While your child is waiting, we have plenty of fun stuff to keep them occupied for the few moments until it’s their turn! They can play in our fun toy room with our large selection of toys, books, puzzles, craft etc and we also have an outdoor area with slide, cubby house, mini trampoline etc, all of which is available for use under parental supervision. Siblings may use all of our facilities as well.

What is your photo/video policy?

You may take as many photos as you like during the Magical Haircut. We love to take photos and/or videos too! Images/videos may be used for promotional purposes (posters, flyers, social media etc), on our Facebook page or website. If you do not wish for yours or your child’s image/videos to be posted or used in marketing or advertising material please us know.

Do your character stylists accept tips?

Sure! Tips are never expected but are always appreciated! Generally most people choose to tip 10-15%.

What about your VIP Club?

By signing up for our VIP Club, your child will receive a free face paint or braid/s anytime in the month of their birthday! Plus, you’ll receive special discounts and also be notified of any of our upcoming specials/promotions, POP UP salons and events! Sign up online today.

Do you host birthday parties?

Yes we do! Cuts in Character offer a range of exciting kids birthday parties including Glamour, Craft and Hair Styling parties, Musical Show parties, Face Painting and Bejewelling and more! We can theme parties upon request. Please note: A minimum of six children are required for parties. For additional information and availability on birthday parties please contact 0411 765 764 or email info@cutsincharacter.com.au.